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9 nov. 2009


Here is a great new idea for cute hair accessories - homemade hairbands!  Decorate your hair with some of the most adorable felt hairbands.  The coolest thing is that you can create your own design and make it at home.  Use them for a ponytail and a bun holder or even put it around your favorite headband.  Here is DIY step by step guide to show you how to make the cutest hairbands you’ve ever seen.
You’ll need: soft felt(2 colors), 2 hairbands(one thicker), needle & thread, scissors, beads, cotton, and a cloud shape pattern(7.5×4.5cm)
Draw cloud pattern on felt then cut them out (you’ll need some sharp scissors for cutting felt!)
Start putting beads on blue felt…more towards one side instead of spreading them out all over.
Cut out a small piece 2.5×1cm from the left over felt(other color)
Stitch it on one end, put in 2 hairbands then stitch shut on the other end…stitch it over twice on both ends so it will hold nice and tight.
Make sure to get the sides right!

Now, you’ll have 2 pieces done and put them together like this!
Buttonhole stitch the edge EXCEPT the black dotted space.
Don’t cut the thread until you’ve stuffed all the cotton balls(regular sizes ok).
Make sure there are no empty spaces so stuff them fat!

Press the opening shut and finish buttonhole stitching.
Finally finished…www.hipgirlie.com

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